Brain, where art thou?

No thoughts tonight. No words.
Where is my brain? Really now.
Perhaps it is tumbling between
little girl leotards, dresses,
and swimsuits in the dryer next
to me. Could it be sprouting
in the window with Lily’s
preschool bean and sunflower plant?
Or tossed in the jumbled basket of
baby dolls, rock collections, and
science experiments? Maybe it got
dissected in the dishwasher disposal
along with the day’s orange rinds
and leftover seafood salad. Seriously,
I want my brain back. I want to think
intelligent thoughts again. I want to
have something to say to Hugh when he
comes home, other than how happy I am
the dog didn’t chew our sprinkler cords
again, or how many loads of laundry
remain to be washed.


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