Embracing the Gifts of Other Religions

I believe, most deeply, that the greater one is truthfully rooted and actively committed to his own spiritual or religious belief, the more capable he is to embrace the richness and grandeur of other spiritual traditions. This sounds counterintuitive, but let me explain.

In my own seeking for wisdom, I have discovered that in the thicket of diverse world doctrine, there is one supreme and royal message, and that message is compassion. Because compassion requires an openness of heart, and a deep connection and concern for another being, purely living this teaching necessitates real understanding and care of others.
If we are then, truly living from the wellspring of compassion, which trait stands at the pinnacle of every major world belief system, we will not be afraid to seek to understand, to acknowledge, and to even graciously share and partake from those not of our own tradition.  Religion, race, nationality, “believer” or “non-believer,” alike, it matters not.   As we press through the forest of divergent roads of belief, we converge together into the sunlit clearing of compassion.  It is within this clearing that we have eyes to see the wholeness of another.  To have ears to listen to the joys and travails of their journey to this place.  To share our own path with purity of love and without fear.
May it be so for our world.  We need it so.

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