I am not interested in mediocrity.

I am not I am not I am not.  And I never will be, no matter how many people tell me to just accept things as-is.  To be okay with kinda sorta.  To fold into a worn-out forgotten version of myself because that’s what married women with children sometimes do.  To make or listen to excuses for poor behavior because of a crappy childhood.  To living below the mark because it just takes too much effort.

I am not, and I repeat, not interested in mediocrity of desire, mediocrity of thought, and mediocrity of action, even when I could dive into its ever present ocean all about me.

Of course I do not live up to my expectations a good deal of the time, but I’m okay with that.  Rather that than be a sunbathing slug on a sidewalk, desiring little more than to not get squished.

I could say more, but that, most of all, is what I want to say.

A toast to taking risks.  To being uncomfortable.  To appearing a fool, an eccentric, and just plain mad.   Goodnight.


  1. Dallin H. on 05/06 at

    Dear Sis. Evans,

    Now, to say that you inspire me almost doesn’t fit what I feel. I feel there is no doubt that your blog helps many through their own trials, and as you may post this for yourself or for others, (I know not) it most definitely helps me in my striving to do what will better myself, my family, and in consequence, the people I associate myself with.
    You’re so much like my mother in personality.
    It’s no wonder that Xani is as intelligent and receptive as she is. She has such an awesome example.
    I often enjoy discussions with her on many different topics, and I’m blown away by the amount that she understands. I know that I wouldn’t have understood what she does at that age.

    Kudos to you and yours, for you are truly enlightened and enlightening. Dallin H.

    • Melanee Evans on 05/07 at

      Dear Dallin~

      What a delight you are, my friend! Thank-you for taking time to share such sincere words as I am filled with joy by them. Thank-you also for your clear dedication to becoming a conduit of love, of wisdom, and joyfulness to everyone around you. You emanate such light and such consciousness that I am honored that you would visit here and glean any inspiration at all. I am also delighted that you and Xani can share illuminated ideas and that she is blessed with a friend like you. She is an exceptional girl and I still pinch myself that I get to be her mother as she teaches me by example every day.

      You give your mother a huge hug for nurturing in this world such a sensitive, beautiful soul as yours. Know that you are greatly loved and cheered for by many, including all of us here.

      Much happiness,
      Sister Evans

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