Becoming a Habit Superstar

For three months I have studied, pondered, and practiced creating simple habits with impressive results. For example, instead of a random before bed routine in which teeth brushing and sleep were the only steady staple, I now enjoy a specific flow of habits before bed. This simple steadfast routine is now my anchor. In it, I am accomplishing a string of desired to-do’s that happened only hit-and-miss before. I am also feeling an arc of confidence and a rising sense of strength that even I can do this too.

I share this so you know I am not some scheduled superstar already, because that I am not. I know plenty of people who are, my husband included, but I am of that other class of people, the ones who are leery of automated action. Of habits, routines, schedules. Of the usual, and modus operandi. I am of that class of people who are pitch black afraid of plodding, drudgery, ordinary, and the mundane. Of being deprived of new ideas, experiences, and possibilities, like the freedom to sing a new tune every day, instead of wincing through the same ol’ hum drum.

Yes, I will confess that at times I have sneered back at the snobbery displayed to me by those folks who iron as a hobby, never misplace a key, perpetually part their hair to the right, run their dog each morning at 5, and comb their carpet on Tuesday with a rake before their Bunco friends arrive. (Incidentally, I’ve never understood the appeal of bunco, which is based on all luck and no skill. I wish more women would take up chess.)

This is the thing though. I think I am finally ready for more rhythm in my routines. For more streamlined synchronicity. For hallowed habits that hum. For laying down my fears for faith that even I can create steady success. I’m still a little scared that I won’t make it, but I’ve collected a little cache of experience now. And each time I act upon my committed habit, I can hear myself sing a little clearer, a little brighter, a little more free.

I hope you know whomever you are, happy ironers, creative routine rebels, bunco players, or motley mavens, that you too can be a capable, dazzling superstar of rhythmic routines and humming habits. All it takes is a single moment of commitment, a single act, a single note at a time.

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