Cultivate Your Fan Club

Some people just make us feel good about ourselves. In their presence, we are witty, articulate, and gorgeous. We are talented, strong, and confident. Our shortcomings are seen as endearing eccentricities, and our blemishes as beauty marks. It’s not that these people don’t clearly see our flaws, it’s that they so clearly see our soul.

If a friend seems to notice your imperfections more than they do you gifts, it may be time to find more edifying friends. In his new book Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life, Alan Deutschman decided to unlock what it really takes for people to change. He discovered that it is relationships with significant inspiring friends that is key in achieving what we really want. These are the kind of friends who not only show us the way, but inspire us to believe that we can do it too.

Surround yourself with the cheers of other people who see your gifts and goodness. Doing so will grant you abundant desire to return the favor if you haven’t already, by becoming a member of their fan club as well.

How does your fan club help you feel fabulous?


  1. Pamela on 01/25 at

    So true. As always I love your way with words. And just so you know, I’m your #1 fan in your fan club!

  2. Avey on 01/25 at

    Ditto to what Pam said! If she’s your #1 fan, I’m ok with being your #2 fan…thanks for your inspiring words.

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