Happy Birthday, Dad


Dad holding me on my adoption day in front of hospital. Grandma, nurse, attorney, me, Dad, Mom, big brother.

A good day today, my father’s birthday.

He sits in the recliner of his best grade

school friend whose birthday he shares,

eating pink cake and smiling.  I know he

is happy because his voice spills with joy

over the phone, a joy I only hear from him

once a year.  I’m happy you were born too, Dad.

Happy you answered the phone from the

attorney that day, and said, “Hell, yes,

we want to adopt that baby girl.”

Happy you did it for seven other babies too.

Thank-you for loving me that day, and today,

Dad.  I so cherish you.


  1. Gina Aldridge on 02/10 at

    This touched my heart. A girl’s love for their dad and the dad’s love for their daughter is an amazing thing. I loved the “Hell, yes,
    we want to adopt that baby girl.” What a life changing moment 🙂

  2. Dennis on 04/14 at

    If I ever sit and wonder why, I`ll read your blog and know the why & the how of happiness. It is so much the better to em braise your goodness then sadness. Love Dennis

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