Skipping Puddles: Enjoying Nature with Children the Easy Way

We often think that enjoying nature with children takes work and effort, and sometimes it does. What I’ve discovered though as a mother, is that simple nature moments with my children can occur every day in the most unusual of places. Sometimes I’m looking for nature opportunities, but more often than not, my daughters find them for me and invite me to join in.  It is these spontaneous moments of outdoor delight that seem to be amongst the most joyful memories in my collection of motherhood.

Several years ago when my girls were barely past my knee, we walked through a wet and moonlit Pier 1 parking lot on our way to the car.  I jotted a verse of what happened next in my journal before I went to bed that night. Here it is.

Pier 1 Parking Lot Poem

They skipped across puddles in purple boots,

smiling as wide as the moon.

“Come splash with us,” the little one trilled

to the beat of her happy tune.

And so I did, leather shoes and all

until I was dancing too~

exchanging at least 29 of my years

for some merriment long overdue.

~Melanee Evans


  1. Jenn (eating bender) on 03/27 at

    Beautiful poem. I could picture the entire scene with the imagery you used. It sounds like a lovely moment. 🙂

  2. Mary Ann Mabey on 03/28 at

    That is a great poem, M. I could see the girls and you having a great time!
    Love you,
    Mary Ann

  3. Wendy Jones on 03/29 at

    One of the things I thought I’d do more as a mother is fun stuff like splashing in puddles. I don’t know that I’m really succeeding, though.

    Love the poem!

  4. Wonderful poem, Melanee! Wonderful. Thank you for sharing it.

    Side note, here. I noticed you posted on Richard Louv’s blog last month a list of things 6-7 year olds can do to help them root to a place. It looked like it was inspired by an 1890’s educator but I was wondering if you might be able to tell me more (Rich Louv was wondering the same thing). Who wrote this piece? You? I’m thinking of writing a blog post about the list. Love it. Just want to make sure I’m giving proper credit. Thanks, Melanee!

  5. Melanee Evans on 04/03 at

    Hi Jeremiah~

    I would love to share my source of inspiration with you! The list of which you speak is a composite of my own ideas for my six-year-old, and ideas from the British educator Charlotte Mason, from a curriculum outline around 1890.

    Charlotte wrote what she called “A Formidable List of Attainments for a Child of Six,” and included several attainments that pertained to nature.

    I think I will respond more fully in a blog post so I can share with everyone. Thank-you for asking Jeremiah, and please let me know if you have any further questions.

  6. Katryna on 04/11 at

    I LOVE your poem Melanee! I should skip trough puddles more often!

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