Mother’s Day

It’s been compliment week here at Spring Hill~

just in time for Mother’s Day!

My littlest daughter who rarely gives a compliment, told me that I am even smarter than her school teacher who is “very smart.”

My oldest girl thanked me for years of piano lessons, and for having such feminine fashion flair.

My middle girl, when I asked her what I’m ever going to do when she and her sisters leave the house, said, “Something absolutely amazing, of course!”

I am wowed by their confidence in me. Wowed by their kindness and generosity  in word, thought, and action. Wowed by their work ethic, their sensitivity and awareness of other people, their joyful optimism, their desires for excellence, and their ability to embrace their childhood with the sweetness of play.

Yes, I might just do “something amazing” when you leave for college, but nothing ever will compare in amazing joy and significance to the world than being your mother. Nothing. My deepest love, adoration, and respect my little women. Always, Mama


  1. Hugh on 05/15 at

    What a compliment to you, Mel. All the characteristics found in your girls that wow you, are simply reflections of the beautiful, amazing woman that you are. Who you are and who you are becoming, infuse and instill our girls with character, nobility, and goodness. Thank you!

  2. Wendy Jones on 06/18 at

    I imagine your girls are all those wonderful things at least in part because of your example. Love the picture, too!

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