Come Rest Awhile

Sunday evening at home. Lily is at the abacus making up math story problems about apples and blueberries. Clover and Hugh sing For the Beauty of the Earth in the kitchen as they prepare a simple dinner and dessert. Xani studies a packing list for her upcoming youth conference. I lounge on the sofa in my skirt reading the great educator Charlotte Mason, inspired to talk more walks with my girls, inspired to be a better mother.

Today we attended three hours of worship services, visited friends who not feeling well, and took a short nap. With no family members close by, our Sabbath often affords us an uncommon and welcome calm from the hustle of everyday life. We don’t shop on Sunday, go to restaurants, work around the yard or make elaborate meals. We do have lively discussions about heaven and earth, enjoy long and leisurely dinners together and with friends, serve people in need, listen to edifying music and books, take walks, enjoy nature, hold family council, play games, play instruments, tell family stories, write, study, draw, and do all these things to the best of our ability with an eye single to the glory of God and not our own.

Sounds limiting to some but for me it’s a weekly slice of heaven. A freedom and respite from the whirl of the world. A way to express my gratitude and devotions to the most high God whom I love and seek to serve.

“Come rest awhile,” Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote, “and let us idly stray, in glimmering valleys cool and far away. Come from the greedy mart, the troubled street, and listen to the music faint and sweet. That echoes ever to a listening ear, unheard by those who will not pause to hear. You have forgotten what it is to smile, in your too busy lifecome, rest awhile.”

To a moment, an afternoon, or a day of rest for each of us this week in our own chosen way.

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  1. Wendy Jones on 06/18 at

    Love Lucy Maud Montgomery! And your Sabbath routine sounds delightful.

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