Teaching Girls Confidence: My Three Ballerinas

 These are my girls busy preparing for the dress rehearsal of the Beauty and the Beast ballet. Unlike Belle however, my girls are not fanning themselves with helpless flair awaiting a dramatic rescue by some prince or even their mother. Um, no. In this house girls are required to learn how to be independent, capable, industrious, and responsible. As ballerinas for example, this means they must learn to 1) sew their own ballet flats and pointe shoes, 2) sew and alter their costumes and accessories, 3) Hand wash and launder all of their ballet things. 4) Fix their own ballet buns and do their makeup, and 5) Keep track of their own schedules. The photo above is of my oldest daughter teaching my youngest how to sew her neck ribbon which is kinda sweet, in more ways than one.

This is my Clover, and she sews everything. A few days ago, she found a dress in need of strap repair. In 20 minutes, she’d gathered her supplies, reconstructed the dress, and displayed it to me,  proud as a peacock. And in case your wondering, being quite impatient with fussy things, I am not in love with sewing, nor am I a super amazing seamstress. Yes, I know the basics, and a wee bit more, and I taught them everything I know. Then I sent them to a few local sewing classes taught by the most adorable woman who adores them back. Worth every penny.

My fashionable girl helping my earth girl apply a rosy cheek.

My capable, confident girls who are learning one stitch at a time something of independence. Who are learning that all the castles, princes, and sparkling fancy in the world will never bestow the kind of courageous capability and true inner confidence that arises from taking bold action on our fears. Because like it or not, sighing on the sofa feigning feminine helplessness awaiting rescue doesn’t fly around here. Fortunately, I think they quite agree.

Danser avec joie mes petites femmes!


  1. Carly on 06/15 at

    This is so lovely! and Your girls are beautiful!

  2. Nell Rogers on 06/15 at

    This is awesome. The ability to take control and solve their own problems, be responsible for themselves, frugality…. all fantastic. Things I wish I’d been taught when I was their age – would have made my college years a lot easier!

  3. Pamela on 06/15 at

    What an empowering post! Yes, being a mama of three girls myself, you are an inspiration to me. My goal in life is to raise my daughters with the same confidence and capabilities that your girls have learned. I’m so proud of you and your ballerinas!

    p.s. Girl, you are rockin’ the manual setting on that camera!! So proud of you!

  4. Wendy Jones on 06/18 at

    Hooray for capable and confident girls!

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