childlike clarity

I woke this morning carrying everyone I know

in the sling of my heart, then walked in my mind

through each room of my home noting projects

unfinished, noting my children resting in their beds,

their hopes and needs rising and falling with each breath.

I then remembered my meeting with the paper today, and

the expectations there, and so many other things too.

Classes to teach, breakfast to make, daughters to raise,

a husband to love, a world to save. You know. The regular.

A quiet fog adorns the morning sky outside my window

veiling my view of the hills so that all I can see is my

favorite Chinese maple standing in a green of glory,

so close I see dew on her outstretched leaves. A small

mercy today, the fading of my cares into the hills amidst

the fog so that all I can see is a single tree, so that all I

can consider is that the best gift I can give today-

is to be present, to be here. So yes, my Lily girl. I will

stop writing this post and ride my bike with you. Into

the youth of this morning. Into the clouded cliffs

made clear and bright by your side.


  1. Kristie on 08/27 at

    Melanee: I read your last two posts on my phone, sitting alone at my favorite sushi restaurant in S. CA. I’m surrounded by people, but feel the need to reach out and give you a hug. You, like me, care to the point of distraction about things sometimes. I know the mental weight that can cause.

    And, although we cannot always live in the present, sometimes it is best. Continue putting out your good, thoughtful energy. Continue focusing on breathing in and out. Fix what you can and all will be well.


  2. Wendy Jones on 08/27 at

    Beautiful. Timely for me today, too.

    Are you going to the retreat this year??

  3. Melanee Evans on 08/27 at

    Ahhh, Kristie! I love thinking of you sitting alone at your favorite sushi restaurant in S. CA. Love it and sending you a happy hug right back.

    You are right! I care to the point of distraction which keeps me from loving people presently. Great thought and one I will ponder.

    Today I will fix what I can and remember that all will be well. Thank-you for the hug and for the perfect reminder. Sip and savor every drop of your vacation. Sounds wonderful!

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