Disclaimer of a Disciple

I am a student and a seeker of all that is good, true, and joyful in all spiritual traditions and religions, and I honor the unique qualities inherent in each. I also hold deep reverence and respect for the diverse beliefs of others, and have great interest in interfaith dialogue that increases understanding and compassion.

With that said, I am myself a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.  And while I regularly immerse myself in his teachings and do my best to act in accordance with them daily, my devotion is not merely an intellectual endeavor, but rather a moral and spiritual one, as all truth seeking must be. It is the one pursuit that matters more to me than anything on this earth, and it is not something I have come to late in life as I have been drawn to the things of God since I was a very small child.

My hesitation in sharing my spiritual thoughts here is the possibility that those with differing beliefs might feel excluded, or not understood or valued, which would not be remotely true for me. If I were sitting down with you, I would love to hear everything you’d be willing to share about your own spiritual walk or lack thereof, and I would honor you for it and learn everything I could from you. I would also hope that if possible, you might extend the same to me.

To great joy and enlightenment for all~


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  1. Kristie on 10/21 at

    Melanee, I am glad you included this post. As bloggers, with our moderate following and occasional first-time visitors, I think we have a responsibility to tell our readers where our faith originates from. It might be exactly what someone needs to hear that day.

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