Let Your Body Choose the Menu (Instead of Your Mind)

The more we listen to our body for what it wants, the more accurate our eating will get to support it. For example,

I used to ask, “What do I want to eat?”

Now I ask, “What does my body want to eat?”

At first, the response to these two questions will vary wildly, but as we respond to our body’s requests, they will begin to merge. I used to like rich foods like cheesecake and fettuccine, but I don’t anymore because I feel heavy and tired when I eat them. So now when I am deciding what to eat, I make choices based on how the foods will make me feel, not on what I think will taste good. Too many carbs, for example, may give me instant energy, but later on, I won’t be able to communicate as clearly, and my ability to do so is vital to me.

So give it a whirl. Next time you open the fridge, be gracious and let your body choose the menu instead of your mind. Think of it as a thank-you for everything it’s done for you, and enjoy the likely benefits of a refined intuition, and increased vibrant health.

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