Simple Autumn Decor

Here is my living room sofa and a peek inside my house. My friends ask me why I don’t post images of my home here, and I have two reasons. First, while I adore temporal beauty, I am more interested in ideas. Second, I am pretty private about my space unless you are a close friend. Same thing with my heart.

With that said, my decor style is clean, neutral background, mid-century modern with splashes of color and minimal clutter. You’ll find a touch of aqua and turquoise in every room, lending to what my friends say is a beach cottage feel with an artistic flair. I also love anything that reflects light, like lamps and mirrors, (and people), and my favorite shape is a circle, which reminds me of equality and eternity.

Seasonally, I add simple touches, like a small wooden bowl of acorns collected from the giant oak trees around the lake. Splashes of orange, like a pillow and vase of orange poppies. Cedarwood and cinnamon essential oils in the diffuser. Small glass sunflower plates for afternoon snacks. Small hints and no more. My mind is adorned with so many lovely thoughts that it’s important for me to keep my outer life as simple as I can.

This reminds me to tell you of my symbol for 2012, which is “light” and has helped me to attain a more airy and streamlined life this year. Perhaps I shall in a future post. Until then, enjoy this luminous golden autumn, blackbird on cornstalk, heavy apples and pears, fierce red and copper leaves. This glorious season of deepening and renewal, enjoy.

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  1. Wendy Jones on 10/30 at

    LOVE your pillows. I’m currently trying to figure out how to cover mine . . . it’s a pillow conundrum! Your style is my goal, actually. I love mid-century modern, and I love clean and uncluttered, but . . . well, I’m working on it!

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