A World of Creative Vision: How I Stay Sane

Lately, I’ve been experiencing the overexcitabilities, which looks something like this: 

  • a vivid sense of wonder at the world, and every bright orb and idea in it.
  • a deep connection to my inner vision and a desire to devote myself to it.
  • an all consuming motivation to become everything I’m capable of becoming, and to help others become the same. 
  • a crescendo of beautiful ideas, lucid dreams, and flashes of inspiration, both spiritual and earth-bound.
  • an increased sense of aliveness and hope, that joy for all people is possible.
  • a heightened rapture at beautiful music, art, dance, organic foods, healing touch, and idyllic nature settings.
  • a tendency to overcommit to interesting projects and requests for help.
  • high energy, non-conformist, inner-strength, persevering, relentlessly curious.
  • a challenge to stay focused on a singular thought or activity.
  • a delight of intense discussion with fascinating (and fascinated) people, written and spoken.
  • a wakeless sense of love for others, particularly for those who know this path and live it too.

Just to name a few.

Skills to Stay Balanced

And now you can see why I am drawn to simplicity, minimalism, meditation, developing core habits, and being present in my body. Each is a vital skill I must sustain so my life remains balanced. So I remain free.

I hope if you are one who identifies with some or all of the above description, that you will feel acknowledged, embraced, and celebrated. Because while this way of being in the world is marvelous, it holds its challenges too. Practicing skills that ground us to the earth and bring us to the present moment is essential for our well-being. And we must practice every day.

Two Grounding Exercises

My friend once described me as “the most grounded free-spirit” she’d ever known. I smiled when she said it, because I’ve dedicated much effort to maintain that symmetry. Here are a couple of ideas.


I first discovered this exercise standing at the kitchen sink. That day, like others, I felt overwhelmed with possibilities, bouncing ideas, and stark responsibility. I most certainly had no interest in the mundanity of doing dishes.  But there I was anyway, the sink teeming with pots and pans, bowls and plates, and what seemed dozens of drinking cups. I clutched the edge of the sink with both hands, and stood there for several moments, until I felt my feet on the ground, until I felt present in my body in that place.

And then an idea for a game came to me, and I called it the Noun Game. Everything I observed with my eyes, or touched with my hands, I could speak its simple name aloud and nothing more. And so I began. Fork. Puppy. Orchid. Faucet. Fence. Bowl. Spatula. Pantry. Basil. Pillows. Rug. Globe. Broom. Fireplace. Trees. Sky. Clouds. Water. Bubbles.

For many, this may sound silly and obvious, as it is a natural way of being in the world. But for me, it was unexpected genius, because suddenly, I felt peace. My overwhelm melted away and I felt presence, and most of all, grateful for my abundance.

Try it. Play it in nature, with smells, and sensations. Play it anytime you feel lost in the big picture, and need to be brought to earth. Play it when you want the joy of gratitude to swell in your life.


I published an article last year for our local paper called 11 Tips for a Taste of Mindfulness. In it, I describe how the practice of mindfulness can lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, reduce anxiety and depression, increase attention and focus, aid in digestion, and foster emotional well-being. Mindful eating is luxurious and centering, and can be practiced every day.

Here’s a recap.

  • Smile at each other before you eat.
  • Fashion your table with loveliness.
  • Breathe in the fragrance of your food.
  • Name your food.
  • Enjoy a small portion first.
  • Breathe between bites.
  • Chew slowly.
  • Eat a meal in silence.
  • Wash the dishes by hand.
Other Things Too

Like core habits, meditative walking, midline exercises like cross-crawl and hook-ups, dancing and hiking, integrative music, playing with children.

And most of all, my very favorite, may you be blessed to connect with others who share your vision of what is possible in the world, and encourage you to true excellence in all of your endeavors.


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