Why We Eat Brownies At Midnight Against Our Better Judgment

Last night in the dark kitchen, I pulled the plastic back on the pan and removed a chocolate brownie. And then I ate it. My stomach hurts this morning, but then again, I knew it would. So why would I breach my longstanding and winning habit of not eating after 7pm? Why, with such clear direction, and knowledge of the outcome, did I eat it?

No need to spend $100 on a therapist, because the answer is a simple one.

I had a thought, and I acted on it.

And when I did, my outer world changed. Understanding this simple fact is power.

On Second Thought

The thought to eat the brownie was not my first thought. It was my second thought. My first thought or impression was simple.

Don’t eat the brownie. 

The second thought was more complicated, because it insisted upon dismissing the first. It looked more like this.

Come on, it’s just a little brownie.

I rarely have snacks at night so I deserve this.

I burned extra calories at the gym tonight, so I can use them on this.

I’m not overweight, so what’s the big deal?

Sounds entirely reasonable, right? So why couldn’t I just eat it and be done? Why did I feel the need to justify myself?

That Pesky First Thought

Because my first thought, or my innate intelligence, suggested not to. And since my my innate intelligence, which rises from a deep well of wisdom, always wants what’s best for me, I must make convincing excuses when I choose to go against it. Which I did.

So what would my life look like had I heeded my first thought and walked away?

First, I would have no need for a single excuse.

Second, my confidence, my self-respect, and my ability to act on subsequent impressions would rise.

Third, I would feel lighter and more healthy this morning.

It’s really that simple. I had a thought, a second thought, and I acted upon it. Had I acted upon my first thought, or my innate intelligence, my life would look and feel differently right now.

It Matters, Even When Nobody is Looking 

A single brownie might seem inconsequential, but I don’t believe it is. Every action we take in accordance with our innate intelligence, produces a positive outcome in the world that affects others. We are not islands unto ourselves, and the people we love are counting on us to rise to our greatest wisdom, for our own benefit and theirs. Even when nobody is watching.

 The Power of Thought 

Here’s the good news. At any given moment we can choose a new thought which will produce a new outcome. This is how we become creators in this world, which is a pretty powerful gift, I’d say.

At any given moment we can also remember that we are not our thoughts. They stream through us, and we have the choice to act upon them or not. Our first thought or impression can be a guide to our inner wisdom and innate intelligence. The more we listen to and act upon it, the easier it will become each time we do. And in doing so, our personal and collective world will be transformed into a greater place of beauty.

Love and Cheering, (especially in the kitchen at midnight)



  1. Barret on 11/13 at

    I really enjoyed reading this. I am in the habit of listening to my second thoughts too often.

    Recently one of my first thoughts has been to start working on my Write a Novel in November novel project, which is really going to be a short collection of personal essays, but I keep heeding my second thoughts which usually sound like, “you’ll have enough time to work on and finish it later.” A deception for which I continually fall.

    SERIOUSLY! this was a really helpful break-down for me.

    • Melanee Evans on 11/13 at

      Follow your first thought, Barret! The world is waiting for those essays! SERIOUSLY! Think about it. You won’t stand there holding your collection of essays at the end of the month and say, “Gah, I wish I wouldn’t have spent all that time creating this.”

      Keep me posted!

      • Melanee Evans on 11/13 at

        And, I like your example because this applies not only to NOT doing something, but also to feeling impressed to DO something. It goes both ways. Thanks!

  2. Wendy Jones on 11/13 at

    I usually follow my second thoughts when I am reading a book at night, the ones that say, “Just one more chapter.” As opposed to my first thoughts that say, “You should close the book and go to sleep.”

    Wise words, Melanee.

    • Melanee Evans on 11/13 at

      Oh, I can so relate, Wendy. I always want to read something before bed, no matter how late.

      It’s interesting too, because the first thought can occur in the middle of our doing something, not just at the beginning. Like when we’re at a buffet and want to get an extra plate even when we’re stuffed. Literally and figuratively speaking.

      Great feedback. Thanks, friend!

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