A Cartwheel a Day

Early this morning, I noted the following on Facebook. 

I’m happy today and to celebrate, 
I just did 16 cartwheels
across the floor of my church gym.

The open space, the freedom of flexibility,
the morning burst of gladness for this gift of life,
and I just had to. Around and around, over and over,
just like I did as a girl on the grass behind my house.

And then I did a few more
just to see if I could. Ah yes,
and yes, and yes, and yes!

For this singing bliss of play
I delight in everyday,
I am grateful.

May you daily discover
the openhearted joy of childhood
in the smallest moments
of this fleeting life.

 M u c h   L o v e ,
M e l a n e e 

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