Be Awesome Today

We discussed last time how many of our highlighted moments of 2012 were “happy accidents,” rather than the result of goal setting and hard work.

And so I ask myself, if this is the case, what is there to do?


  • Toss my goal/dream/resolution notebook to the wind
  • Take daily inspired action instead
  • Be in awe of spontaneous miracle moments that arise and celebrate them
  • Just be awesome today and then be awesome again tomorrow

I don’t know. What do you think?  Does this sound like a wish-wash way to live?

My One Goal: Showing Up & Being Present 

I will say that I’ve played with this one goal approach of  showing up to life and being present. Indeed, it has been a breakthrough, illuminated way to live life, and I’ve found it immensely valid. Instead of cloaking myself in a flurry of goals, this approach requires me to be exposed and vulnerable to the request of the moment. Instead of being lost in the cacophony of my own needs, it requires me to to be quiet, so I can hear and respond to the needs of others. Instead of heroically and at times fatally marching towards achievement no matter what, it requires me to change course midstream for a better outcome.

In short, this inside-out approach requires a great deal of trust, humility, flexibility, openness, and presence. It requires the ability to listen for call to inspired action, and the courage to act upon it, even when such a call sounds illogical, uncomfortable, and preposterous. It requires, as Joseph Campbell stated, for us to “let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Take A Surprise Get Away

For a current happy example, it makes no sense for me to book a trip with my teenaged daughter this winter, to visit friends in the Ozarks during the most uneventful time of the year. But the idea came in a chariot, the door swung open for us to step in, and the path was bright and clear. So we’re going. Not to France, or New York, or Egypt, all places I’ve dreamed of taking her, but to the Midwest in winter.  And yes, I’m looking forward to the ride.

Speaking of dreams, last time, I promised an idea from Michael Neill’s Creating a Happy New Year Tip, and the first one he shares is…

Letting Yourself Pipe Dream

“Pipe dreams” are those things we think we would like to have but we’re not ready, willing, or able to make our lives about their achievement. …  a sort of “preview of attractions” which may or may not be coming soon into my life. 

Surprisingly often, yesterday’s pipe dreams become today’s projects, almost as though they needed extra time to take shape in the forge of my imagination before I was ready to act on them.

What I have found important in really letting myself pipe dream is putting no pressure on myself to actually make anything happen – this lets my thoughts run free, and at times I find myself laughing out loud at the delightful possibilities that come to mind.

Have Fun with a Life Vision

Being awesome today can certainly include the the fun and importance of a life vision, but I’ve found that even as I work and play towards that vision, I must be willing at any moment to surrender. Surrender to the divine vision of a God who sees in me a majestic potential that I cannot yet see. Who dreams for me a reality so brilliant, I would be presently blinded by its light.

Because as alluring as it’s sometimes seemed to be in charge of every aspect of my life, I feel much more peace knowing that I don’t have to be. Knowing that all that is required of me by He who cradles the cosmos, is to be awesome. Just for today.

To a day of showing up, pipe dreams, and surprise getaways~



Dedicated to the pure awesomeness of Gina Aldridge, who teaches me what it looks like to “Just Be Awesome Today.”

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