Round: The Happiest Shape

Circles. Orbs. Bubbles. Hoops.

Bouncy Balls. Globes. Rhythm. Spheres.

Cherries. The Moon. Records. Drums.

Buttons. Bottle Caps. Ferris Wheels. Wedding Rings.

Frisbees. Seasons. Lemon Pie. Balloons.

Dew Drops. Cartwheels. Umbrellas. Ginger Snaps.

Tree Trunks. Clouds. Hat Box. Pearls.

Hopscotch Toss. Oranges. Bowls. Coins.

The Constant Sun, and

Smiles so giant

they seem to curve

into a perfect galaxy.

I love round. It is the happiest shape-

and it is my world today.

I hope it is yours too.

With Encircling Love,



  1. Mommyof8 on 01/17 at

    I’m round too!

  2. Warren on 01/19 at

    Round is great!
    I am also trying to get a round to-it. LOL
    Love to all,

    • Melanee Evans on 01/28 at

      Hi Warren, and yes! Getting a round-to-it is a fabulous idea! I think I’ll give it a whirl myself today, and create something huge.
      Love back to you!

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