Fearless Personal Expression: 1 Big Tip

I had a breakthrough this week that looked something like this: 

My audience is too small for my vision. 

And, it’s time to expand. 

Yes and Yes and Yes.

Pressing this ridiculous passion, this hopeless adoration,

this swell of loving expression, and this enormity of vision

into a  glass flask and flinging it out to sea doesn’t work. 

It floats back to my shore just like it has

a thousand times before ready to burst. 

I pick it up again because I have no choice.

It’s mine and I must finally learn to honor it.

Shatter its confines and set it free.

One tip on how to fearlessly express yourself. 

Even if you’re an introvert. Even if you suffer with anxiety,

or depression, or are just afraid to let your light shine.

Trust me, I’ve been to all of these places and I know.

But one day on the way somewhere, I had this a-ha.

The safest way of being in this world is BIG, not small. 

Extending love, and joy, and light outward with the brightest of rays

is a far safer way to be on this earth, that pulling the vitality

and expression of our soul inward

 in hopes that nobody will hurt us. I know it seems more logical

to bring our knees to our chest and fold our arms around us

when we are scared, but it’s precisely the opposite.

 I know, weird, right? But it’s true.

I know it’s true because I’ve lived it. For years.

I’ve pushed past my hesitations and fear of rejection

and I’ve learned how to love with an openness that astounds me now.

I’m still sensitive now and then, and sometimes I question myself,

and then I remember this truth.

He that loseth himself for my sake shall find it. 

This verse from the Holy Bible used to puzzle me, but it doesn’t anymore.

Whenever our actions are focused on our own self-interest, we fear.

When our actions are instead rooted in the pure love of others,

we fearlessly shine.

When life is no longer about us, about the image

we want to project or protect, we are free.

When we stand up and open our hearts and voices

and arms and talents to others because their joy

is more important to us than our own insecurity,

the full expression of our true glory,

of who we really are, becomes actualized.

I know this is true. 

For, as it is taught by Christ,

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear. 

Next time you want to stuff your soul into a flask

 because it feels too grand for the world to bear,

or keep your petals tight in the bud,

because you love so much it hurts,

consider the possibility of opening, expressing, and loving

even bigger, and more expansively than you ever have instead.

Do it for the benefit and blessing of others, and notice what happens.

I promise to practice the same.

All my love,



  1. Wendy Jones on 01/31 at

    This is awesome, in all meanings of the word. You do live this way, which is one reason you’re so amazing. When I feel timid, I will remember this. Thank you!

  2. Melanee Evans on 01/31 at

    Ah, Wendy, I love you and your light! I really believe that it’s possible to continue to expand our light every single day until it begins to fill the immensity of space around us and beyond. Thank-you for your constant cheering and encouragement.

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