I know that at a certain age, it’s not agreeable to push a grocery cart down the aisle with one foot on the floor and one on the cart until it goes fast enough to ride. I also know that rolling my eyes at Hugh when he invites me to an elbow-rubbing event at the Country Club reveals my immaturity (and loathe of pretense), and so does propping my feet on the dashboard while my teenage daughter drives me through the neighborhood.

I know all the rules of growing up and professional writing too, like making words march like ants across a page with authoritative purpose and rational clarity, but lately I just want the freedom to be messy, mediocre, seeking, and spontaneous. To scribble words in circles and phrases that make little sense and come to no real point, and blow bubble gum while I’m doing it, and I’m not just saying that.

The other thing is that I don’t communicate in my native tongue on this blog, which language is that of beauty, of candor, and of spiritual things. To the untrained ear, it may sound as if I do, but to those who know the pure language of the spirit, it may be discerned that my wild thoughts and emotions about the same rarely have an audience besides the specks of dust in the rise of my morning walk. And I’m okay with that, but I think if I could swirl words and stipple painted phrases of nonsense on this page, this expressive river of my soul might flow a small stream instead of a trickle.

We are all children after all my friends, gathering wool of wonder in this dreamlike galaxy, so why not play?


  1. Mary Ann Mabey on 07/19 at

    You are one fantastic writer, M. I love this and the picture at the top goes right along with your words perfectly. Love you…thanks for sharing your talent!!

    • Melanee Evans on 07/20 at

      You are one fantastic encourager, Mary Ann. Thank-you for your cheering!

  2. Shaun on 07/19 at

    You’ll have to work harder if you want to … be mediocre 🙂
    I ride the shopping cart all the time and I’m older than you!

    • Melanee Evans on 07/20 at

      Yes. I can see you riding the cart. Hmm. I like that image.

  3. Wendy on 08/15 at

    I totally ride the cart all the time.

    But I agree with all you are saying–it’s so tiring trying to be so accomplished all the time. I need to enjoy my mediocrity, and thus enjoy life a bit more. 🙂

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