Dare a Dream, Inspire a Child. Why Grown-Up Dreams Matter Too.

cello-lessons-skirtDo you ever take your children to music and other lessons, and secretly wish you were plucking the strings and playing the bow yourself?

I do and I think this is why I like to wear a skirt to Clover’s cello lessons. I get to sit on the tall bench outside the classroom, and swish my legs back and forth as I take notes, imagining myself in the student’s seat with my whole musical life ahead of me.

I swish my legs back and forth because at just over 5 feet tall, my feet don’t touch the ground, and though I feel a bit silly at times for doing so, it’s quite fun. As my petite friends understand, my only other options are to sit cross-legged, or cross my legs at the ankles, which is uncomfortable for my back, so I swish. And dream up the plans and lessons I am taking myself this fall, so when my girls are mothers, they can see how it’s done.  

Cello Lessons for Mom?  

No cello lessons for now, but maybe swing dance and voice. Guitar lessons and ballroom. Scuba and rock climbing. I’ve dabbled and played in most of these, but why not more?

Why do we spend so much time nurturing music, dance, art, academics, and sports in our children, and then indirectly teach them that once they are adults, they must set it all aside for their kids? After all, girls aren’t the only ones who “just wanna have fun.” Grown-up men and women do too. Because even though our responsibilities deepen and our free time narrows as adults, we still need to be nourished with cultural enrichment until our last breath on earth.

I still remember my joy and applause the first time 3-year-old Lily dunked her head all the way under the water at swimming lessons. And the time Clover finally rode her bike with no training wheels. And when Xani took her final bow as Clara in the Nutcracker, after months of practice.

 It makes me wonder what would happen if this fall, we sign our kids up for one less class or event, and dare something new ourselves? I have a distinct feeling that not only would their joy enlarge at our success, but their own confidence to dare a dream would too. 

So what dream or hobby would you like to dust off this fall? What classes are your children taking that you’d like to take too? How can you include your family in your plans? What is the next small action you can take in order to make it happen? 


  1. Andrea Brett on 08/13 at

    Well said, Melanee. You are so right.

    • Melanee Evans on 08/14 at

      Thank-you, Andrea! I actually thought of your example as I wrote this article.

  2. Kristi Sypher on 08/13 at

    It costs nothing to dream, set goals, or plan. Yes I know that “there is a time and a season to all things”. It is ours to discover the times and seasons within our own lives. As I have learned new things I have found new and added joy.

    • Melanee Evans on 08/14 at

      Yes, there are definitely times and seasons to life, particularly it seems, as a mother. When my babies were small, it was more challenging to pursue creative endeavors, but I attended free lectures, taught myself with books and online articles, and scraped pennies together for trainings when I could. Even so, my best enrichment was sitting on the sofa and reading aloud to my girls. Bliss.

  3. Kc on 08/14 at

    I want to indirectly participate in NaNoWriMo. But instead of writing a novel, I will write a poem a day. Want to join me? 🙂

    Love this post. Love you.

    P.S. I believe in you too!

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