We are not the weather.

Random snippet from my notebook. 
Some people think they are the weather.
They say, “I am angry, like thunder,” and they like it that way.
Some people think it’s always raining.
They wear a raincloud as a tall cap and call it “reality.”
Some people see these as “personality types” and build entire
universes around them complete with umbrellas in every color.
But we are not the weather, we are the sky.
We are not our emotions, which often change,
but something much more enduring.
The more I look past the clouds, the crackle, and the gush
of rain, the more I see the sky,
and the calmer my world becomes.
I still like my red galoshes in the corner, but if I’m
called out to the world barefoot, I think I’ll be okay. 


  1. Wendy on 08/31 at

    I, too, have red galoshes. Just further proof we were meant to be friends.

    Love this–thank you for sharing it. It pertains particularly to something I’m currently experiencing. “I am the sky.”

  2. Kristie on 09/16 at

    I appreciate this sentiment, Melanee. As a sensitive person, I try very hard not to be ruled by my emotions and to let them do my thinking for me. It isn’t always easy, but time does bring wisdom. Here’s to all of us trying harder to be the sky and not the rain.

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