Pop Rocks, Divas, and Peace

pop rocks

Question: Is it true that every thought that whirs through our mind in a day manifests itself somehow in “real” life?

This is a valid question, and entire cultures and sub-cultures are built around such superstitious ideas, otherwise known as “magical ideation.”  But our thoughts actually have no power unless we give them energy and attention. It’s like that Pop Rock candy we loved as kids that sat dormant in the package until it tangoed with our tongue and sizzled with our saliva. Only when we consciously engage with our random thoughts do they begin to appear real and start popping around our emotional center.

Hey-it’s a two-for-one! Choose to believe a thought to be real, and get an attached emotion for free! What a deal.

Question: Does this mean that if we really focus on a particular thought, it will become real in the world of form?

Well, I’m thinking of a pink flamingo dancing around my bedroom right now, and so far the only party going on is inside my head. And that feeling that is attached to the thought of anything, is the point. While a pink flamingo won’t suddenly pop out of a magic hat upon its mere thought, the emotions of humor or fear might arise if I actually imagine it to be a real possibility.

In other words, thoughts aren’t real, they’re just thoughts. Unless we give them the spotlight, they just dissolve into the wings without fanfare. It’s in the moment we choose to give them diva status that we become spellbound, emotions and all. We then become wholly drawn into the dramatic performance as if it’s real, until we remember we are sitting in a theatre seat, and we are the director of the show.

Question: I’d rather enjoy a bag of Pop Rocks and a concert than talk about something as esoteric as thought. Why should I care about this?

There’s been an explosion of discussion on the power of thought in the self-help world, particularly in the past decade or so. And while the popular conversation seems to have increased awareness of our innate gift of thought, it has also more deeply ingrained the illusory idea that our happiness and well-being are something to be obtained outside of ourselves through hard work.

The truth is, as our wisdom has told us all along, that no acquisition of material things, prestige, or perfectly arranged circumstances will bring us the peace, freedom, and joy that we are seeking. This is because our wellbeing and happiness really do lie within. Most of us has glimpsed this truth from time to time, but we aren’t quite sure how to keep seeing and feeling it from the inside-out long enough to ground it in our everyday lives.

What I know for sure is that true lasting peace and pure genuine love for ourselves and all others is our birthright. And because we were born with this gift, the only thing we must do to access it again is to keep looking in its bright direction, and allow the clouds of personal thought and well-meaning emotion to pass which obscure its view. From real experience, the more I look to see that a thought is just a thought, and allow it to lie dormant in the package, stream down the river, or swish across the stage and into the wings without much ado, the more clarity, ease, patience, trust, love, play, and joy are mine. And that my friends, pretty much rocks.


  1. Wendy on 10/23 at

    This is so interesting, and, honestly, not something I’ve given much, um, thought to before. I will ponder it further.

  2. Barry Brownstein on 10/30 at

    Hi Melanee,

    I really enjoyed the clear message of this post as well as the attractive graphics.

    At my worst I become fearful of my thoughts forgetting that my fearful energy is putting them in the “spotlight.”

    You might enjoy this now 6 years-old blog post I wrote “Why The Secret Doesn’t Work and Why You Should Be Glad it Doesn’t.” http://givingupcontrol.wordpress.com/2007/10/30/why-%E2%80%9Cthe-secret%E2%80%9D-doesn%E2%80%99t-work-and-why-you-should-be-glad-it-doesn%E2%80%99t/

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