Listen Beyond the Words

Despite my best efforts from the time of my youth to be otherwise, I remain a person of average intelligence and feel inadequate to write anything of great insight or value that hasn’t already been written with brilliance by so many others, including my very own friends.

I do not mean to say that the ponderings of my soul are shallow, because they are quite rich, flourishing, and as deep as a shining, bottomless lake, but there is so much I do not know of the world. So much I want to understand about history, nations, science, literature, the arts, people, places, and all that which lies in, above, and below the earth.

Because I am keenly aware of the sweeping gaps in my understanding of so many things, as well as my lack of skill in adeptly expressing the resplendent and glorious glimpses of that which I do understand, I am reticent to put anything on paper, electronic or otherwise.

So I hope you will forgive me for my simpleness of expression here, and if possible, do what you can to look beyond my words, to listen and feel beyond the surface of my obscure little lake, and allow that flowing divine intelligence that is greater than the all the collective wisdom in the world guide you to your own answers.

Be blessed and rejoice to be alive today. Our earth truly celebrated the day you arrived, and your presence matters here, no matter how small you may feel.

img: Donner Lake from the Summit. Albert Bierstadt, 1873

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  1. Kc on 02/24 at

    Today, I do feel blessed that you let me wade in your lake. Thank you for often offering sips of fresh water. I’ve been thinking that sometimes it is more about the action of offering than the object of what is being offered.

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