I Am Awake and Everything Has Changed

Hello early morning. Hello world. I am awake, aware, and alive. I am here. I am curious. I am ready. I am listening. I can hear the fridge breathe. Its breaths are deep. I can hear the whir inside my head, and the deeper me comes forth to listen.

There it is. Instant calm. As though my deeper self is royalty, and my mind quiets in reverence upon its approach.

Something has happened to me, ye friends of the earth. I have come to play good chess and I have captured the king. I have been shown something extraordinary and instead of a cursory look I chose to truly see and it has changed me. Everything has changed my friends. Everything.

I used to think life was noisy but I now can hear the quiet everywhere. Listen to the leaves and you will hear it too. It’s there. Come listen with me.

I used to think that a life pressed between the stones was the way to success and salvation, but I now glimpse the reality of an easy yoke and a wind against my back.

I am an ordinary person who has seen something true, and there is no turning back. No looking back at the broken city I once thought was real. May you hear and see today that which has been waiting for you to see and hear all your life. And hello early morning. I thank-you for waking me today.

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