What would you just love to create?

I am assuming that since you are a human being and not a squirrel, that like me, you have talents, habits, and dreams you’d love to see materialize. Perhaps again like me, you have bookshelves bursting with help, friends at the ready with advice, and digital pins of images and articles for a lifetime of go-get-em inspiration.

And then there’s that voice inside your head. You know, the one with the spotty counsel, telling you one day that you’re the bees knees, and most of the others that you just don’t even have the “it” factor to boil a pot of water.

We’ll talk more about that voice in later posts, but for now, I want to share a little something with you about the humble insight, and how it is the single most powerful gift for lasting change.

insight = sight from within 

A little story to illustrate: 

When my husband Hugh was twenty and single, he found himself playing soccer in a dirt field with a teenaged boy in Cañete Peru named Mario. Mario kicked the ball with skill, holding his left arm behind him as he traveled across the hot dust to the goal.

After their first formal introduction and a spontaneous connection, Mario invited Hugh home for dinner.

Mario lived with his parents and his older brother and a younger sister in a home with a dirt floor, corrugated metal walls, and a cardboard roof. Their food came by gleaning the fields after the harvest, and since Mario had lost his left hand when he was a small child, his parents and older brother told him he was useless to help, and would never make anything of himself.

One night by candlelight, Hugh sat with Mario in his home and spoke to him in broken Spanish of what he saw about Mario’s divine nature, his infinite worth, and his innate agency to choose liberty in his life through the power God.

In that unplanned moment of sharing, Mario saw something about himself he never remembered seeing before, and even more keenly, he felt it. Beyond the words being said, beyond the limits of language and context, Mario glimpsed something new that also felt true – a simple, humble insight into his deeper nature and identity, which sparked a hope for a brighter life, and an energy to take real action.

My teacher Michael Neill once said:

“When a stick floating down the river gets stuck, it doesn’t need psychotherapy, it just needs a nudge.” 

Despite years of pain and derision, that nudge of in-sight, that “sight from within,” was all it took for Mario to spring into action with a bold fearlessness he’d never known before. According to Hugh, when Mario glimpsed his true nature and potential, he began by taking a leadership role in his family. Instead of being the one who was picked on, he began to be the protector of his younger sister, a counselor and guide to his brother and parents, and a leader in his community.

He even created a plan to earn enough money to travel alone to another country in South America, and share with other people what he’d seen – and he followed through.

Just before Hugh stepped on the bus to leave for home, Mario took off his prized soccer pin from his shirt and with emotion, handed it to Hugh.

Leaving Cañete Peru; 1988

From the stillness, light will appear. 

What intrigues me about this story is that it didn’t take a library of books, a stack of credentials, or a star-studded seminar for Mario to see something new that would change his life forever. And while Hugh pointed Mario in a fresh direction of thought, the insight didn’t come through Hugh. It came straight through Mario.

What I’ve found to be true is that we influence another most profoundly when we do not try to change them at all, but simply love them, and respond to them in each moment with full presence of heart. I have also found that it is through this quiet place of open stillness, through this readiness to listen and to hear what we’ve never considered before, that our humble insights will come. And when they do come, and they will, ordinary people like you and me will possess exactly what we need to actualize our most extraordinary dreams.

Now I have nothing but admiration for the clever squirrel, but we can realize our talents, habits, and dreams because we are human beings. As such, we are each born with an inner light, a wellspring of wisdom, an innate intelligence, a creative force, an agency to choose, and an infinite, unchangeable worth.

I’ve noticed for myself that the less I pay attention to the noise inside my head, the more space opens up for fresh insights to come through. And when that happens, I find myself creating desired habits, skills, projects, and goals with more ease and less fuss than I ever imagined. The fun part is that like Mario and his dream of a better life and world, insights by nature come with a bonus package of ideas, energy, and initiative to know how to proceed, to make connections, and to create that very dream.

To all ordinary creators and friends, a day of miracles and insight to you! 


  1. Karolina on 01/21 at

    Thank you for this beautiful story. Special thanks for this reminder ” we influence another most profoundly when we do not try to change them at all, but simply love them, and respond to them in each moment with full presence of heart.”

    And for the hopeful notion of the ‘bonus package’ insights come with.

    • Melanee Evans on 01/21 at

      Thank-you, Karolina! The bonus package just keeps giving too!

  2. Martin on 01/21 at

    Ta da indeed…. Ife been waiting since September for this.

  3. Martin on 01/21 at

    Ta da indeed…. Iv’e been waiting since September for this.

  4. ben on 01/21 at

    I love it. Thank you!

  5. Dr. S. Brett Savage on 01/21 at

    You have no idea how bad I needed to hear this today…I cried through the whole thing knowing some back-context to the story. This may have been your finest writing EVER!

    I love you,


  6. Dr. S. Brett Savage on 01/21 at

    Love you…

  7. Kajen on 01/22 at

    A lovely article with a lovely feeling to it.Thank you.

  8. Pamela on 01/23 at

    Thank you for such inspiring words! It speaks such truth.

  9. Debi Muccillo on 01/23 at

    Your writing touches the heart and has such a beautiful flow with amazing simplicity,that leaves you wanting more!
    Love to you,

  10. Alexis on 01/27 at

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks very much for writing it. It is amazing what you find underneath all those ‘oh I’m not good enough yet’ or ‘what if people think I am a wanker’ type thoughts! Good to blow past that to ‘I can, I will, I am!’. Hope you have a wonderful day too.

    • Melanee Evans on 02/01 at

      Hi Alexis! I know that I usually have both types of thoughts every day of my life, and it’s so nice to have examples of people who blew past them to remind us of what is possible. Thank-you!

  11. Tracy on 03/23 at

    Thanks you for your words. I just came upon your blog today and it helped me solidify my message to the world! Thanks again. I look forward to reading more!

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